Family Run Coin Operated Laundromats


A family-run coin operated laundromat since 2007, striving to give customers a relaxing place to take care of their laundry needs. 

Our two convenient locations are fully equipped for anything from a simple load of laundry to commercial oversize laundry use. 

Washer prices, $3.25, $5.00 & $6.50

Dryer prices, 0.25 per 5 minutes of drying.

Two Convenient Locations


213 Eagle Street offers customers 29 washers and 26 dryers - so you never need to wait for a machine!

540 Davis Drive also offers plenty of machines so our customers can easily and comfortably complete their laundry.

Both locations offer change machines and soap dispensers, should you require. 

No Time for Laundry?


The Soap Box Laundry Service is specifically designed for anyone who simply does not have time for this tedious and time consuming task.  Please check out the "services" section for more details.